The Two Doughgirls

Who Are The Doughgirls?

The Doughgirls are two long-time friends, who, when they met working in the culinary industry many years ago, realized that among a common interest in mini longhaired dachshunds, they also shared a passion for creating delicious foods and baked goods. This combined passion for food has inspired a rich and rewarding career for both Thuy & Rose. Working together for almost two decades, you can imagine how many conversations there were about the latest food trends, the oldest traditions of classic dishes, and the revelations of how to best prepare them.

It's through these many, many conversations that the passion continues to be expressed through the foods and baked goods that are shared with their customers. This is the Doughgirls experience!!

Thuy Kelp

Thuy Kelp

Born in Vietnam, Thuy was raised in the U.S. with traditional foods of her mother's culture. As an army brat, her exposure to regional and international foods inspired a career in the culinary arts, where she later attended the New England Culinary School. Her career spans many types of cuisine and she has worked in several recognized properties, including Canyon Ranch Resort in Arizona, McPherson Grill in Washington, DC, and eatZi's Market & Bakery based in Dallas, TX. In 2003, Thuy started MIX The Bakery with Rose in Vancouver, which was sold in 2013.

Rose Concepcion

Rose Concepción

Rose's background is similar, having been born in Spain to a Spanish mother and an Asian-Spanish father and raised in the U.S. At the age of 4, Rose was given an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas and it was then that she realized her passion for baking and dreamed of one day owning her own bakeshop. After graduating from the Culinary School of Washington in DC, she worked as a pastry chef in notable kitchens, including The Willard Hotel, Yannick's, and Old Angler's Inn in DC. Before moving to Canada and opening MIX The Bakery, Rose was the Corporate Executive Pastry Chef for eatZi's Market & Bakery.


We believe in supporting other local small businesses as well as many charitable and non-profit organizations. It's a daily choice and one that we commit to year after year.

We are only as strong as our surrounding community and we passionately believe--like all great tasting recipes--it's what you put into it that makes all the difference!